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List of Product Survey Questions

Product Survey Questions

Product Surveys Product survey questions are sample survey questions for product market research. These sample questionnaire templates are created by experts in the field of product research, testing and evaluations and consumer feedback, therefore giving you expertly written survey templates to choose from. Simply pick of the following product surveys and get started!

Here are 15 industry tested Product Survey Questions Templates:

Product Evaluation Survey Template

21 questions

Laundry Usage Survey Template

27 questions

Consumer Product Registration Survey Template

23 questions

Auto Dealer Owner Experience Survey Template

13 questions

Online Bookstore Survey Template

31 questions

Gasoline Purchases and Prices Survey Template

20 questions

Product Use Satisfaction Survey Template

25 questions

Product Installation Evaluation Survey Template

11 questions

Warranty Demographics Survey Template

25 questions

Market Potential Evaluation Survey Template

15 questions

Product Search and Purchase Survey Template

13 questions

Consumer Electronics Registration (Car Stereo)

22 questions

Home Electronics Purchase Survey Template

13 questions

Consumer Products Warranty Card Survey Template

19 questions

Home Electronics Purchase Survey Template

24 questions

Product Satisfaction Survey Template

17 questions

Product Use and Satisfaction Template

26 questions

Services Attitude Survey Template

8 questions

Product Satisfaction Survey Template

15 questions

Brand Mindset IQ Survey Template

8 questions

Awareness, Attitudes Survey Template

10 questions

Product/Service Design Survey Template

19 questions

Top 10 Product Survey Questions To Ask

Questions for Product Satisfaction Evaluation

1. On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our product to your family, friends or colleagues?

Net Promoter Score question, is the most powerful question - it gives an immediate overview of customer satisfaction with a product. Based on the rating provided by customers, you will be able to know about customer loyalty, which customers will never leave your brand, in fact will refer your brand to their family and friends and which customers are not happy with your brand and what should be the plan for improving the product to convert “neigh-sayers” to loyal customers.

2. Does our product meet your needs?

This is an important question to ask consumers, because, what is the use of manufacturing something if it doesn’t meet the needs of the consumers. It is nothing but a dead investment, that will only deeply impact the pockets of the manufacturer or business owner. It is essential to ask consumers if product suits their need or not and if doesn’t then make the necessary changes in the products to meet their needs.

3. Compared to our competitors how would you rate our product?

This is a wonderful product satisfaction survey question, it is straightforward and very measurable. This question gives a clear image of the quality of a particular product and how the consumers view your product in comparison with your competitors. This question should be followed with an opinion question, that will help you gather better insights about your product. This is a great starting point to take actions to improve your product.

4. How would you rate value for money for our product?

This is a very valid product survey questions. First and foremost, an organization or a brand should use this product survey question, while considering any price change in their product. If the feedback that the organization receives proves that the customers think that the product is too expensive, you should definitely consider a change in plans to make any further changes in the price of the product. This is one reliable way of knowing if your product is optimally priced and pleases the consumers or not.

5. Which additional features did you like in our product?

Asking the consumers about what they liked in the product will help you gain insights about what is good in the product that needs to be retained. This question not only helps you manufacture good products but also give you a boast to do better. This essentially needs to be a follow-up question after question 7. Here the customers will provide true and unbiased opinions.

6. How would you best describe our product?

Let’s face it, there is no better critique of a product than the consumer itself. Brands need to know what features are well accepted in the product and which are not. Awareness towards these attributes will help a brand fine-tune their product so it can have better representation in the market and is useful for the consumers. It is important that the brands take the feedback seriously and improvise on it, else it will be just a waste of time collecting feedback and not implementing on it.

Questions for Product Discovery and Competitive Analysis

7. How did you discover our product?

It is important for organizations/brands to know how did the consumers find about their product. When respondents answer to this question, it will throw light on which advertising medium is most effective, is it the newspaper advertisement, the internet, advertisements in a magazine or age-old proven method- “word of mouth”? Once an organization/brand knows which channel is bringing them, maximum customers, they can invest in their marketing and advertising campaigns wisely.

8. What made you choose our product over others?

This question will help organizations/brands know the reason of purchase of the product by their consumers. It is insightful for brands to know the reason for purchasing the product, so they can customize the products to best suit the consumers' needs. If the consumers find the product well suited to their needs, this can lead to an increase in a purchase, therefore, generating better revenue.

9. What source of information do you find most credible while making your purchase decisions?

In this age of technology, where the internet has made everything available readily, at the click of a button, consumer awareness is increasingly growing. Gone are those days where consumers had no reliable sources to explore products thoroughly before they could decide to buy it or not. Today there are a lot of review platforms, where products reviews are made available even before a product can penetrate the market. This is the power of technology! It is important for brands to know which sources consumers find reliable and credible, that can influence their purchase decisions.

10. If you had to change one thing in our product, what would that be?

This time, you need information on one change that your customers would like you to make in your product. Customers are a great source for feedback. At this point in time collect all propositions from your customers and make sure you act on the feedback without fail. If the change is absolutely necessary, make it as quickly as possible. This is one way to show your customers, you value their feedback and suggestions.