Free Hotel & Restaurant Surveys: Questions & Templates

List Of Hotel & Restaurant Survey Templates

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Instantly get started with ready made hotel surveys and restaurant surveys with ready-made free templates. These questions are created through thorough analysis and expert guidance from the hotel and restaurant industry, which means, these survey templates are fully optimized to get your the best survey responses. These survey templates include hotel guest experience evaluation survey, dine-in restaurant survey, fast food survey and much more. Use the template directly as a survey or use it for reference as a sample or example. Pick a hotel / restaurant survey template and get started!

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Guest Evaluation Survey Template

27 questions

Guest Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro consists of questions about reasons the guests chose the hotel/restaurant/casino and ratings for the various services. This is a customizable questionnaire sample which can be edited according to the objective of the survey. For example, in case the hotel does not have a casino, the questions related to the casino can be eliminated.

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Event Survey Template

33 questions

Event Planning Evaluation Survey by QuestionPro includes questions about sales, pre-event, event, and post-event. This questionnaire sample includes feedback questions about satisfaction levels of customers during various phases of the event such as the sales, pre and post event, the likelihood of recommending the organization to their friends and colleagues, hotel preferences for the future events and other such questions.

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Resort Evaluation Survey Template

14 questions

Resort Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro offers questions regarding the services offered by the resort, usage of different amenities and customer satisfaction levels. This customizable questionnaire sample can be edited according to the required information details. For example, this template includes a question about the reason for choosing the resort, the answer options of which can be edited.

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Resort Hotel Survey Template

18 questions

Resort Hotel Survey Template offers customizable questions about customer satisfaction with various aspect of the hotel or resort such as front desk service, room service, room quality and size, resort restaurant or lounge and overall experience with the resort. This questionnaire is often used by resorts to analyze their scope of improvement to make their services better with each visitor. Asking visitors face-to-face may not yield truthful results but sending a survey which they can choose to answer anonymously can yield the best possible results. These results can not only help you understand what exactly do the visitors think about their experience but also maintain records that can be evaluated monthly, quarterly or yearly to make improvements in the way your hotel or resort operates.

Hospitality is a highly competitive field where new hotels and resorts are launched every single day and each one of them wishes to be successful. People belonging to various ethnicities, age-groups, income-groups, races etc. visit resorts for business or pleasure. While most of the visitors may read reviews on online websites such as TripAdvisors or Make My Trip, their visit experience has to be gathered either via surveys, polls, questionnaire or face-to-face as a small dent in the resort’s reputation can cause humongous losses to their business.

Reputation management plays an integral role in managing resorts and hotels. Online survey softwares such as QuestionPro have proven to be effective tools to constantly keep track of customer experiences and make serious amend on the basis of each of the received responses. With an exhaustive list of question option, a hotel’s management can include as many question as possible according to the desired information. Answers to these questions will help them evaluate the do’s and don'ts of their business along with offering them a platform to create a list of changes they could impose in their operational system.

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Fast Food Restaurant Survey Template

21 questions

Top 17 Food Survey Questions for a restaurant / eatery / diner to evaluate food quality and food satisfaction feedback from customers. This sample questionnaire template offers questions for food quality evaluation, customer service, the value of food, hygiene levels, and overall customer satisfaction. Use this free food survey questions template and start collecting real answers from your food consumers.

Hotel & Restaurant Surveys

Dine-In Restaurant Survey Template

14 questions

Restaurant Survey Questions by QuestionPro offers a detailed questionnaire about intricate details such as the lobby, table area, server, food quality, and willingness to recommend. With around 10+ survey questions that cover all aspects of a dine-in restaurant, this questionnaire sample can be edited and the visitors can be asked to fill it out. On the basis of the feedback, improvements can be made in the way the dine-in restaurant functions. For example, if a visitor suggests that the server was not appropriately behaved, that individual will have to be trained and his/her serving capabilities must be enhanced.